Ayurvedic Treatment of Cancer

The human mind was created with genes. It carries so many powers /characteristics/diseases also and has the power to skip generations. Cancer is caused by genetic changes to DNA. There are herbs that can act on the mind and impact genes. This knowledge may help cancer patients. Lung cancer is three times deadlier than breast cancer. Prostate, Thyroid, Testicular, Melanoma, Breast cancers are curable while pancreatic cancer progresses rapidly, and no method of early detection has been discovered, it is one of the most dangerous types of cancer.

Severe pain often makes it hard for a person to feel comfortable and at peace as he or she dies. Cancer causes pain in many different ways, but there are ways to treat pain. Many people ask for safer and affordable Ayurvedic treatment Cannabis indica or Vijaya is useful to stay healthy after Cancer. Cannabis formulations have attracted many researchers for their medicinal values i.e. antiemetic against chemotherapy and pain management.

Cancer, one of the most deadly challenges spreading drastically in the 21st century, has now officially become the most dangerous killer in the world according to the World Health Organization. In the Ayurvedic concept, cancer is regarded as inflammatory or non-inflammatory swelling and mentioned either as ‘Granthi’ (minor neoplasm) or ‘Arbuda‘ (major neoplasm). The Neuro-endocrinal system (Vata energy), the proteinous enzyme system (Pitta energy), and the immune system (Kapha energy) are three basics of Ayurveda that are responsible for normal body function. In malignant tumors all three systems get out of control and lose mutual coordination that causes tissue damage, resulting in critical condition. Tridoshas cause excessive metabolic crises resulting in proliferation.

Ayurveda stimulates the self-healing abilities of the body. Depending on the cause, the site of the tumor, and the strength of the patient, large parts of the body channels are cleansed and the body tissues nourished and revitalized with herbs, diet, and Yogic supports. After chemotherapy Panch Karma will be beneficial for the recovery of both body and mind. Ayurveda utilizes a wide range of therapies and remedies to purify, rejuvenate, and support body tissues for natural recovery. Marijuana (Cannabis sativa, C. indica, or C. ruderalis) is known as bhang in Sanskrit. It has a long history of use in Ayurveda. Marijuana is classified as a semi-toxic substance by the ancient texts on Ayurvedic herbs, but it has been used in healing preparations after purification. Cannabis is efficient in the management of several types of cancers.

In India, Bhanga (Cannabis) is known as an Ayurvedic medicine since 1400-2000 BCE. Medicinal Cannabis has finally required attention and awareness, thanks to the ongoing research proving its miraculous benefits in Cancer pain management. Ayush Cannabis is meant for the application of purified and processed cannabis for medical and healthcare. Ayush Cannabis has abundant potential to treat various disorders and chronic diseases including cancer, nausea, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, depression, and pain management without exerting harmful side effects.

Ayush Cannabis is a potential tool to fight several types of cancer. It may be prescribed either alone or in combination with Vijaya extracts (Cannabril) and other herbs or mineral substances, according to the patient’s health needs. It is very effective to treat pain, anxiety, digestive disorders, inflammation, dysentery, sexual prowess, and many more. Pain relief, the side effects of chemo-radiation are the main issues in Cancer patients. We have noticed tremendous improvement in Pain, better than Morphine. Ayush Cannabis may give mild side effects such as dryness in the mouth, lowers blood pressure and blood sugar in some patients.

For better results following adjuvant supplements are recommended
(1) Lung Cancer– Herbal tea with Curcumin, Trikatu, Tulsi and Giloy
(2) Breast Cancer– Shatavari and Chandra Prabha Vati for hormonal balance
(3) Bone Cancer – Moti Pisti processed with Shilajeet, Curcumin, and black pepper
(4) Liver Cancer– Liver Detox with Bhui Amalaki and Kasni
(5) Brain Cancer– Green tea with Bacopa monnieri and Curcumin

Agni Rasayana is a natural blend of Semecarpus Anacardium, Commiphora mukul, and Plumbago zeylanica processed with certified cannabidiol. It is useful in many neuro-muscular disabilities and cancer pain. People need to be ready to implement an Ayurvedic lifestyle such as eating more vegetables, stopping a lifelong habit of smoking, or reducing stress through Yogic breathing and relaxation. Nutrition of the body and elimination of waste products are often top-of-mind concerns for cancer survivors. It takes effort and preparation to handle the complexities of cancer treatment and then change one’s focus to staying healthy after cancer. But maintaining a healthy lifestyle after cancer is an important part of survivorship.

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