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25th August – 31st August 2014
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25th December – 31st December 2014
Ayurvedic Beauty Treatment for Wrinkles
(i) Cucumber-mint Face Pack
(ii) Honey-lime juice Pack
(iii) Kasturi-Manjal Pack
(iv) Tulsi Pack

Ayurvedic Beauty Treatment for Scars

(i) Red Sandalwood Pack
(ii) Neem Pack
(iii) Cucumber PackAyurvedic Beauty Treatment for Pimples

(i) Green Gram Pack
(ii) Paachooti-Coriander leaves and root of Vaca

Ayurvedic Beauty Treatment for Dark Patches

(i) Nutmeg Pack
(ii) Mint-Yoghurt Pack
(iii) Manjetti Face Pack

Ayurvedlc Shampoos & Henna Conditioning

Diploma Program in Ayurvedic Panch Karma & Yoga

This study of course gives us a broad view of health in its totality-viewing the individual as a whole. encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the being. The primary mission of the Diploma Program in Ayurvedic Healing & Well-being is to create a cadre of health professionals with knowledge in Ayurvedic Medicine to treat modern ailments that require a holistic multidisciplinary approach. These health professionals will add value to the corporate industry, the health industry and also to the medical industry, by not only preventing disease, but also promoting positive health.We opted for a distance learning program because this program is aimed at working professionals who are already engaged in their professional pursuits; and who will feel the need for comprehensive knowledge to be more effective.

Duration One year: Course Fee Rs 10,000.

The study material: The Prospectus is conveniently divided in to 8 modules.
Each module should be completed within 30 to 40 days.
Examination will he held in February every year with placement for one week.
Certificates will be awarded by Academy of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences India.For more details. please contact Dr Mukesh D Jain Course Director,
Sanjivani Wellness Centre. Supela Bhilai 490023
Email:sanjivaniwellness@india.comTel. +91 788 2392358, 2294746

Sanjivani Wellness

Contact : Tel +91-0788-2294746, 98261-80335
Dr Mukesh D Jain BAMS, MD, NDDY, PPHC (Apollo Hosp) FISCA FAMY (France)
Sanjivani. Priyadarshani Parisar (East), Near Railway under Bridge, Supela. Bhilai 490023
visit us at

Online Registration for Ayurvedic Therapies with Dr. Mukesh D. Jain

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