Perhaps no other organ is more vital than the heart at sustaining our existence as well as being the intimate connection between our emotional life and overall health. Shockingly, every 20 seconds. someone in the U.S. has a heart attack.
“To protect the heart and great vessels, above all take measures that are healthy for the heart and promote ojas, that cleanse the gaps and channels & help create serenity of mind.” – Charaka Samhita

Many thousands of years ago, the classical texts of Ayurveda identified the specific causes of heart disease as we known them today. For example, it was mentioned that eating too much fatty and rich food along with suffering from chronic mental and emotional stress were considered the root causes of heart disease. Our modern lifestyles are all too familiar with these factors and we could refine the root cause of heart disease as being stress on various levels [physical, psychological, and biochemical-oxidative stress].

Our every experience creates a scar on our mind – an impression on the mind. Every thought creates a groove on the brain. So, the total number of scars is samskar which decides your tendencies and life style. All that action, reaction, behavior – that comes from samskar.

There is a profound relationship for every passing thought, subtle feeling, and fleeting emotion within the mind and its influence upon the entire body. In a way, any action within the mind provides a similar [re]-action within both the heart and brain. According to the wisdom of Ayurveda, imbalanced emotions such as worry, grief and fear can “dry up” the natural storehouse of nourishing ojas and therefore can affect heart-health. From an Ayurvedic perspective, ojas can be enhanced by rasayanas [i.e. rejuvenatives]. There are various forms of rasayanas, however, all rasayanas are thought to operate at the deepest level of our physiology.

“Neuro Cons” – a unique natural blend which is dietary supplement for heart-Ojus-consciousness! It is ayurvedic formulation Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Mukta, Abhrak, Yashad processed with Brahmi Ghrut (Ghee).
Remember, Ojas has the capacity to counteract the etiological factors or causes of disease !!

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